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Letter From the President

Letter From the President

First, I would like to thank our supporters for the tremendous amount of enthusiasm for Global Health Reach.  We have met so many first-class people during our many medical missions throughout the world, and I feel very lucky to have many of them committed to our cause.  A non-profit’s success is largely bounded by it’s stakeholders – I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish with this tremendous group.

We created GHR to address the many deficiencies we have seen in other medical relief organizations.  Our mission is to serve those in need to our greatest ability – and we can’t lose sight of that.  I can personally commit myself to provide 100% transparency into all aspects of our non-profit corporation.  I encourage open conversation between all stakeholders in the organization – from first-time volunteers to our board of directors.

GHR faces many challenges in 2016.  Just like other organizations, we will struggle with bootstrapping the company.  We have many capital and operational expenses that we need funding for.  While this will be a challenge, we look at it as an opportunity to start with a “blank slate”.  We know where other organizations are inefficient with their donations and we strive to improve on that.

Donations are are what keeps non-profit corporations afloat.  I have donated thousands of dollars to our cause in 2016  because I know the tremendous benefits it will give under served communities around the world.  Leading another medical mission to India several days ago reinforces my mission – there is to much need in the world that we can overcome for a fraction of the cost that we incur in the United States and other developed countries.

Early in our relationship, I told Art that if I ever could give back, I would.  And now, here we are!  However, a few donations will not keep GHR going for the years to come.  Please make your donation to GHR today, and make your impact to under served populations globally.

Thanks for your support,

Wade Becker

Executive Director, Global Health Reach