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Upcoming Missions 2024

2024 Dates Are Now Available!

As the world has been affected by the COVID19 pandemic, so has GHR and the communities we work with in Guatemala and Vietnam. Our #1 priority has always been and will always be the safety of everyone involved in GHR medical mission trips.

Vietnam Medical Missions

Volunteers will be immersed in the rich H’mong culture, and what an experience it is! We have revamped this amazing trip; while we no longer stay in local home stays, GHR volunteers can expect an authentic experience full of cultural immersion, with some of the creature comforts many of us appreciate while traveling internationally. , staying with the most gracious H’mong hosts and will be treated to traditional tasty cuisine. The team will conduct four days of clinics, treating patients with a wide variety of conditions and providing education on topics such as sanitation best practices, oral rehydration, therapeutic stretching, and dietary habits. These trips are perfect for pre-med students and other students looking to learn medicine, build character and push yourself to be a better you. Get ready for the trip of a lifetime!

Vietnam Mission Dates

December 28, 2023 – January 5, 2024 — December 2023 Vietnam Medical Mission page

April 20-28, 2024 — April 2024 Vietnam Medical Mission page

September 21-29, 2024 — September 2024 Vietnam Medical Mission page


Santa Apalonia, Guatemala Medical Missions

The highlands of Guatemala is the perfect place to reach out to those in need, and help a community reaching out to help themselves. GHR volunteers will stay in the beautiful Spanish colonial town of Antigua, and will conduct three clinics throughout the week, with an opportunity for cultural immersion and team building. Clinics are held at villages in the spectacular highlands region of Guatemala (specific locations will not be disclosed for security reasons). These trips will consist of primary care and education, as we continue to implement our educational programs with local health liaisons. These trips are also ideal for pre-med/pre-healthcare students to expand your exposure to rural health and prepare for a life long career in healthcare and community service. GHR is honored to continue our partnership with ALDEA, a local Guatemalan NGO, which has provided community education and healthcare to indigenous communities for more than 55 years!

Santa Apalonia, Guatemala Mission Dates

March 6-9, 2024 —  March 2024 Guatemala Medical Mission page

July 3-6, 2024 — July 2024 Guatemala Medical Mission page

September 4-7, 2024 — September 2024 Guatemala Medical Mission page 


San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala Medical Missions

GHR is excited to announce a new partnership with local Guatemalan physicians in the San Juan la Laguna region. This will be the first time since 2019 that GHR is returning to communities along the magnificent Lake Atitlan, and we couldn’t be more excited! This is a “founding trip”, the first team in a new location, which requires volunteers with a particular level of flexibility to adjust to new challenges and establish a foundation for GHR to return to for years to come. GHR volunteers will stay in the quaint town of San Juan la Laguna, and will conduct 3 clinics in rural villages in the surrounding area (specific locations will not be disclosed for security reasons). This trip is situated a couple weeks before we all celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and what better way to celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ than by giving back to underserved communities?!

San Juan la Laguna, Guatemala Mission Dates

November 13-17, 2024 — November 2024 Guatemala Medical Mission page