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Reaching out to change the world One volunteer at a time

How We Work

We strongly believe in partnering with (not unspecified-3‘serving’) a community to implement programs that leave long-lasting impacts. While we believe our missions are a service to others, we believe the difference between ‘serving’ and ‘partnering’ is the difference between short-term and long-term benefits of a community.

Before partnering with a community, we meet with community leaders to identify the specific needs of their community; this is imperative to maintain improved health and for long-term success of our programs. It is also important for GHR to collaborate with NGO’s in the host-country to maintain continuity of health care and ensure that community members have someone to turn to when GHR is not in country.

GHR makes a unspecified-4commitment to each area we serve by scheduling follow-up trips every three to six months. While acute care is important, our goal is to improve the health of a community over years, not just days. We track each community’s progress and adjust our follow-up trips to areas of most need.

During GHR trips, we partner with local providers. This partnership provides the opportunity for the GHR volunteers to share their skill set with local professionals that will be able to serve the communities. Our purpose is not to replace local health care providers but to work with them to improve the ‘global health’ of their community. This approach improves access to health care, increases the level of care available and encourages stronger support from the communities we work with. Ultimately, we aim to empower each community member to take health care and community health into their own hands.

unknown-1To ensure that each program is successful, we implement periodic performance measures and adjust our strategies and trip plans accordingly. This allows us to tailor our support as the needs of each community change. Furthermore, this also ensures that each one of our donors’ and sponsors’ money is always going to the highest and best use. Our goal is to reach a point at which our services are no longer needed in each community, at which point we can then extend our reach to other areas of need and start again.


Would you like to partner with GHR in your community? Due to our focus and
dedication to each community, GHR works unspecified-16with a limited number of communities at one time. Using this approach, we can ensure that we are working with and improving that community and that it is receiving the attention that is needed to make successful steps forward.  As time and resources allow, GHR expands to partner with new regions. Please contact us for further information on future collaborations.

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