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Guatemala Medical Mission: June 2016 - Summary

Guatemala Medical Mission: June 2016 – Summary

We have now returned to our homes, the statistics are tallied and the finances settled. As I go through all the pictures and information, I am overwhelmed. So much was done in so little time. Just over 450 patients were seen, and by “seen”, I mean each one was assessed and each one received a physical. For many, this was their first doctor’s visit, and now their whole family has a medical record started! Other missions may boast of extraordinary numbers, but can they say that each patient was truly “seen”? Can they assure you that the hypertension and diabetes will be followed? That is what makes GHR different, and that is also why I am ready to return to Guatemala!

Upon our exit, we left our donated medical supplies and medications with the Centro de Salud. Their partnership is invaluable, and we look forward to working with them during our time in Guatemala. We will be releasing the schedule for the follow up missions shortly, and I cannot wait to bring future teams to these areas. The villagers and leaders have dedicated themselves to improving global health, and I am just honored to work along side them.

After each trip, the budget and expenses are assessed as well. GHR is dedicated to being transparent, and the Guatemala June, 2016 financials page shows how each dollar was spent. I am proud to say that every penny of this founding mission went towards program costs. Zero percent went to overhead. As we work to assemble pricing for future trip, some overhead will need to be factored in to cover administration costs, but it is our goal to keep those to a minimum so that your donations can be used for the field.