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Guatemala Medical Mission: June 2016 - Day 2

Guatemala Medical Mission: June 2016 – Day 2

Global Health Reach began the first day of clinic for its June, 2016 Medical Mission at the village of Xepanil. Xepanil is located about one hour from the nearest medical outpost. In addition to distance, the hills and elevation make transportation difficult and strenuous. The community of Xepanil does not have local medical staff to address emergent needs. The nearest health center (centro de salud) to the village was overjoyed to know that GHR was coming and planning on partnering with this specific community.

During the first day, GHR saw 136 patients. Women, men and many, many children arrived to wait in line. Those that could not be seen today or could not make the journey today were given tickets so that they could come to clinic tomorrow. While there was no signs of starvation, there were many signs of poor nutrition. Junk food and juice are available and rapidly contribute to the deterioration of the dental and medical states of children. Because of the location, many of the inhabitants are farmers and field workers. A local NGO, BPD has been working here for approximately two years. Their focus is on improving the nutrition of the village. They work will local leadership to identifying crops and education modules that will improve the lives of the people. How and why their diets are important and what must be done with their local resources to improve their health are integral to improving the global health. GHR is honored to partner with BPD!

As the team headed back to their base for the evening, they were exhausted. The energy and excitement of the mission was poured into their care of the patients and it showed! Our first founding clinic was a success and that is solely because GHR has volunteers that are dedicated to making this world a better place.