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Reaching out to change the world One volunteer at a time

Volunteer Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from the mouths of GHR Volunteers themselves!

I knew I would appreciate the experience, but I had no idea I’d fall in love with it. The entire GHR team was fun, loving and caring. The locals from the communities we visited were just the same and beyond grateful. All these beautiful people fell into one precious piece of scenery called Guatemala. I realize that I must go back and I’ve discovered how I’ll be traveling from now on.

–Adriana, Non-Med Volunteer




This trip was an oppurtinity of a lifetime. As a pre-medical student still in my undergraduate I got to experience hands on learning like I have never experienced before. I feel this medical mission will set me apart from the others applying. Not to add, this trip truly changed me as a person. I think Gandhi said it best when he said,  ” The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” GHR has truly become a family to me and I can not wait to return on another mission with them.

–Stephanie, Pre-Med Student



This entire trip has been an amazing and unpredictable adventure! I believe we’ve gained so much from this experience and am grateful to have had the opportunity to be apart of such a great team. I’m excited to see what the future holds for this region with the help of GHR and can’t wait to return for another GHR trip!.

–Alesha, RN



The entire GHR team has become my family. I think we now have a better idea of what the community needs are and how we can help for future trips. It has been a great adventure in every way and I can’t wait to come back for future trips in this beautiful country.

–Kaitlin, RN





Through the 4 days of clinic we have been able to really grow together as a team. We have shared many laughs and great experiences all while accomplishing our goal of providing care to those in need in northern Vietnam. I can’t wait to do more trips with GHR and experience all this great organization has to offer.

–Adam, Pre-Med Student



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Wow!! I cannot believe how fast the time has passed. The four days of clinic have been unbelievable. We treated hundreds of patients who greatly appreciated our help and eagerly await our return. The scenery, culture, food and people of the Ha Giang region have truly touched the hearts of the GHR family.

–Tina, RN






A morning filled with multi-cultural songs, Vietnamese coffee buzzes and colorful locales were a fanatic way to experience the H’Mong people and their beautiful northern, mountainous landscapes.

–Jordan, MD




Observing the hard work and intricate detail that goes into every aspect of their daily lives gives a new appreciation to the luxuries we often times take for granted.

–Mike, RN





One thing that makes GHR different is their dedication to achieving long term health goals for a specific community of people. Their commitment to continuity of care allows for a tremendous impact on the people GHR serves. After leaving a founding trip one thing I was certain of was that I couldn’t imagine not seeing those people again. Returning to the same village and continuing to serve the same people affords the opportunity to develop deep personal relationships with the patients and hosts which is one of the many things that makes GHR special.

–Cameron, Pre-Med Student



Returning to the same area gives the unique opportunity to witness the health of an entire community improve over the course of years. We get to bring the primary care office to a community and the patients will develop a deeper trust with volunteers and providers that consistently show up for them. Continuity of care is so important to achieving long term health goals for people and GHR makes it a point to hone-in, and pour everything they have into a few communities instead of sprinkling a little over a large number. It is through that persistent focus and dedication that you see powerful impacts being made on the lives of the people you are serving.

–Valerie, RN