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Reaching out to change the world One volunteer at a time


GHR is a non-profit corporation in the state of Texas. Our overarching policy is to provide transparency into all aspects of the organization. We believe it is the right of everyone to see where each dollar is spent. Feel free to contact us if there is anything missing from our website that you’d like us to share, and we are more than happy to do so.

Financial Statements

Our 2015 tax return (Form 990-EZ) has been published to the following page:

Global Health Reach 2015 Tax Return Released

Clinic Financials

It is our goal to be as transparent as possible with the financials of each clinic we conduct.  As such, the following page(s) contain the financial breakdown for each GHR trip:

Guatemala – June, 2016 Financials

501c3 Status

GHR’s 501(c)3 application is currently pending. This means that our 501(c)3 application has been prepared and sent to the IRS. However, our official 501(c)3 status has not been granted (and this can be a several-month process). Keep in mind that contributions before our tax-exempt status has been granted are still tax-deductible as long as we ultimately receive our 501(c)3 status. Please refer to the following IRS web page that explains this:

Contributions to Organization with IRS Application Pending

Curious as to what was included in our application? Please click here to see our Form 1023 filed with the IRS.